Disruptive Technologies or Industry Savior

Workshop Description:

This workshop will teach librarians about the different technologies that can seem to be disruptive if used by the students in class but are actually beneficial to the students as well as the teachers.


The objective of this workshop is to teach librarians about technologies that can be helpful to the students as well as the teachers. Although these technologies might seem disruptive, they do provide the students with different methods of learning. The librarians will explore how cell phones can be useful in a classroom as well as how an Igoogle, a personal learning network, can be used effectively in a classroom.


Shirley will insert the time of this.


  • High speed Internet access
  • Java enabled computers or laptops
  • Projector
  • Students will also be using their cell phones for demonstration.

Student Leaders:

Daniel H.
Mason W.
Pate C.

Notes from Mrs. Davis:

Mrs. Davis will provide context on this workshop item.

Rough Draft of Presentation

  • Daniel,Mason,and Pate : What the point is about technology in class? 6 Min. Skit

  • Pate :Disruptive Technology 5 min.
    • You-tube
    • Cell Phones
    • Music Websites
  • Mason: Advantages to Disruptive Technology (Overview) 5 min.
    • Concentration
      • Music for the Classroom
    • Collaboration
      • Studies
  • Daniel: How Can Technology Be Used Creatively for Class? 13 min.
    • Tutorials from video websites (Pro-Am) 7 min.
      • Video Thread
        • Students teaching other students and teachers
    • Using Skype to collaborate 2 min.
      • Talking to Group Members Over in India
    • Music for focus 1 min video/skit
      • Comparison
    • Idea blog ( Wall Wisher) 3 min. (interactive)
      • Connecting the class
    • Poll Every Where Activity 2min.
      • See the overall class room as a whole
      • Helping the weak link
  • Pate ,Daniel ,and Mason : Cell Phones in The Class 16 min.
    • Pate: Organization 6 min.
      • I-google 3 min.
      • Toodle doo 3 min.
    • Daniel: Connecting 8 min.
      • Twitter 4 min.
        • Production
        • Work
        • Group help
      • Skype 4 min.
        • India Connection
          • Teaching Abroad
    • Mason: Blogging (New World) 2 min.
      • Wiki 2 min.