Cat India Immersion Project

Workshop Description:

This workshop will be informing librarians about a project that the Westwood elementary and middle school students participated in called the Cat India Project. This project allowed students to immerse themselves in the culture of India. The students were also very involved in the technology aspect as well. They blogged, set up voice threads, and used skype to communicate with the high school students that were in India attending the Flat Classroom Project Conference.


It is our hope that the librarians will learn that technology is a major part of school. Technology can be incorporated in the many different subjects offered at school.


Shirley will insert the time of this.


  • High speed Internet access
  • Java enabled computers or laptops
  • Projector

Student Leaders:

Kunjan P.
Nolan R.

Notes from Mrs. Davis:

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Rough Draft of Presentation

This is a rough draft of the slides of the presentation