Tips and Tricks for Using Microsoft Programs

Workshop Description:

This workshop will be about using Microsoft programs. Students will teach librarians how to use Microsoft Office, Excel, Powerpoint, One Note, and Office Live.


It is our goal to help librarians use all of the programs that Microsoft Word offers. We will also introduce new software such as Microsoft Excel, which will help librarians make information sheets as well as different types of charts. They will also learn how to use Microsoft Powerpoint, which will allow them to make different slides for presentations. The librarians will also learn about two of Microsoft's newest features, Microsoft One Note and Office Live. They will learn how to take notes in One Note and collaborate with others over the Internet in Office Live.


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  • Hight speed Internet access
  • Java enable computers or laptops
  • Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel, and One Note installed on these computers
  • Projector

Student Leaders:

Trent H.
Tyler S.

Notes from Mrs. Davis:

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Rough Draft of Presentation