I Ning to Read

Workshop Description:

In this workshop, librarians will learn how to use a Ning as a social networking site to communicate with others. They will also learn how to blog using Class Blog Meister.


It is our goal to teach librarians how to use a Ning as a social networking site. On the Ning, they will be able to communicate with other members. The librarians will also learn how to blog using Class Blog Meister. They will learn how to incorporate students in blogging by adding the the class roster on Class Blog Meister. They will learn about the many features of this blogging program.


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  • High speed Internet Access
  • Java enabled computers
  • Projector

Student Leaders:

Teaching about the Ning:
Krysten J.
Tinsley K.
Teaching about Class Blog Meister:
Miller S.

Notes from Mrs. Davis:

Mrs. Davis will provide context on this workshop item.

Rough Draft of Presentation

Overview- What is a Ning and what is a Ning good for?

  • social network (like myspace or facebook)
  • educational
  • private- people have to request membership
- manager oversees Ning- accepts or declines membership and watches over the kids

  • blogging- helps student express his or her mind, can be saved with out wasting paper
  • groups- helps find students easily; organization
  • comments/messaging- communication
  • uploading videos- sharing, outsourcing
  • uploading pictures- sharing

Overview- Class Blog Meister
  • What is Class Blog Meister
Class Blog Meister is a blogging site that allows students to blog while their teacher oversees them. The students create an account and write blog post according to the teacher's assignments. The teacher will be able to post the assignments as well as approve any student blog posts.
  • How Class Blog Meister can be used by teachers
Example- India Immersion Project

  • How to use Class Blog Meister effectively
Teachers will learn how to...
- Create an account on Class Blog Meister
- Add students to their class roster
- Create assignments and share them with their class
- Approve assignments and leave comments for their students
- How to log onto Class Blog Meister as a student (so teachers will be able teach their students)
  • How to teach students how to use Class Blog Meister

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