The Next Generation of Communication:Skype

Workshop Description:

In this workshop, students will teach librarians how to communicate in many different ways through Skype.


It is our goal to teach the librarians how to chat through a free program called Skype. They will learn how to chat with their friends through the instant message feature of Skype. They will also learn how to hold a video conference with their friends using web cameras. Librarians will also learn how to make phone calls using the Skype phone or a headset with a microphone.


Shirley will insert the time of this.


  • High speed Internet Access
  • Java enabled computers or laptops
  • Web Cameras
  • Headset with a microphone
  • Projector

Student Leaders:

Riley A.
Ethan L.

Notes from Mrs. Davis:

Mrs. Davis will provide context on this workshop item.

Rough Draft of Presentation

  • Intro to Skype - What it is? - 3-5 min
  • Show how to install it with screen shots 3-5 min
  • Show how to set up video and mic 5-8 min
  • Show how to add contacts 3-5 min
  • Show how to IM/chat 5-8 min
  • Show how to video chat 3-5 min
  • Group chats 5-8 min
  • Group calls 5-8 min
  • Send files 3-5 min
  • Recording Skype Calls 5-8 min
  • Jordan and Virginia there skype experiences 10 min
  • Examples of How People Are Using it Around the World to Teach 5 min