The Wonderful World of Web 2.0

Workshop Description:

This workshop will be an overview of the many web 2.0 technologies that the students will teach the librarians in other workshops. Students will also introduce Voice Thread, a program that allows users to make a slide show and record their voices onto the slide show.


Our goal for this workshop is to provide an overview oft the web 2.0 technologies that are offered in the workshops. There will be a brief description given of each of the technologies. There will also be a special piece on Voice Thread. Students will teach the librarians how to make a slide show on Voice Thread and record their voices onto it.


Shirley will insert the time of this.


  • High speed Internet access
  • Java enabled computers
  • Projector

Student Leaders:

Hope B.
Sydnee S.

Notes from Mrs. Davis:

Mrs. Davis will provide context on this workshop item.

Rough Draft of Presentation

  • 30 min. + - Web 2.0 slide show
- what is Web 2.0
- wikis, ning, podcast, IGoogle, Net Vibes, RSS, Diigo, virtual worlds, twitter, etc.
- how we use these in our classrooms
  • 10 min (12:05- 12:15) .- demonstration of Skype
- Skype phone call with Riley and Ethan