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Wiki, Wiki, Wiki

Workshop Description:

In this workshop, librarians will learn how to use wikis.


Our goal of this workshop is to teach librarians how to use wikis. The librarians will learn all of the components of a wiki. They will learn how to effectively and efficiently write on a wiki, leave messages in the discussion tab, and check the history of the work done a wiki. Librarians will also learn how to prevent wiki wars, the deleting of the work that a person has done on a wiki.


Shirley will insert the time of this.


  • High speed Internet access
  • Java enabled computers or laptops
  • Projector

Student Leaders:

Tanner B.
Mason J.

Notes from Mrs. Davis:

Mrs. Davis will provide context on this workshop item.

Rough Draft of Presentation

  • introduction; (2 mins)
  • talk about wikis and their importance and how we have used them; (10 mins)
  • how to join wikispaces.com and make a wiki; (2 mins)
  • how to join a wiki that has already been created; (2 mins)
  • overview of wiki toolbar; (2 mins)
  • how to imbed media onto wiki page; (2 mins)
  • how to add hyperlinks to wiki; (1 min)
  • how to upload files from computer; (2 mins)
  • how to look at history and discussion tabs; (2 mins)
  • Hope & Sydnee - wiki wars; (5 mins)
  • review what we went over; (5 mins)
  • Mrs. Vicki; (10 mins)